Managing Health Information for More than 30 Years.

The preferred Release of Information service provider of choice for many Hospitals and Medical Offices throughout the South East.  

Health Information


At Drake Enterprises, we employ the latest technologies and the most experienced professionals. We take release management of your health information to a new level. Keeping your data secure and organized for prompt processing of request.


Hospitals & Clinics


Innovation and expertise is key to our management style. We mix a consistent blend of new technology and old school R.O.I to ensure all project needs are met. Whether dealing with a major Review project or processing daily request our teams pull through, with 90% of all request processed/completed in 24 hours. & 100% completed in 5 Business days.




Are you constantly receiving calls from requesters checking status of their medical record requests?

Drake is the most effective company for taking back control of your pending requests.
Drake Enterprises provide comprehensive and innovative Solutions for your medical record release.

Drake Information Management 

Drake Enterprises is the preferred release of information service provider for Hospitals and medical offices throughout the South East.
Efficient process of all request allows for 100% turn around time in 5 Days or less. Armed with the best managers and a full battery of Technician's, we are capable of handling extreme work loads.

We Offer:
  • E.M.R & Or Paper Charts
  • Special Projects
  • Medical Record Copy Service


Having managed the release of Health Information for over 30 years our teams are dedicated, and detail oriented. Since beginning operations over 30 years ago, we have built a fantastic reputation and outstanding portfolio filled with Hospitals and Medical Offices who team with Drake for the management of their Health Information Release. We would like to thank you all for being great partners.
Contact our offices in Sumiton, Al, at 205-647-1720 to find out more about our services.